Grow your own Vegetables the Easy Way with Aquaponics

DIY Aquaponics

Have you noticed that no one seems to have enough time these days? Despite all the gadgets we have that are supposed to make our life easier, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Vegetable gardening has always been a popular pastime but more and more people find that they just cannot fit it in to their busy lifestyles. This is where aquaponics can help; it is the easy way to grow vegetables and doesn’t take up so much of your time.

You might not know that aquaponics is actually based on both hydroponics and aquaculture. Hydroponics is where vegetables are grown in water and aquaculture is fish farming. In aquaponics fish are kept in a tank and the water is pumped through the vegetables continuously in a system that doesn’t need much input from the gardener. The fish and plants work together in harmony to allow for healthy growth.

Setting up an aquaponics system is simple and easy; it doesn’t take up very much time and you don’t need to have mastered any special skills to be successful. In the beginning, you just add the water and the fish because the level of nutrients needs to build up before any plants will grow. The nutrients for the plants come from the excrement from the fish. As the water is pumped from the tank to the plants, the nutrients become available for the plants to use; as it continues to be pumped back to the tank, it has been cleaned by the plants. It is as simple as that; the system helps both the plants and the fish grow.

When your aquaponics garden has settled in and you have added the plants, there is actually not much for you to do. All that is needed is for you to check the water quality and feed the fish every day; then, of course, you will want to harvest your veggies when they are ready. With an aquaponics vegetable garden you will never need to dig, weed or water because there is no soil in the system.

If you haven’t been able to find the time to grow your own fresh vegetables, now you have found a way you can. Grow your own vegetables the easy way with aquaponics and enjoy fresh organic produce every day.

How to Renovate the Bathroom when you are Renting

There are many unsatisfactory things that you can cope with when you are renting but the bathroom isn’t one of them. Most people believe that there isn’t anything they can do about a sub-standard bathroom in a rental property but we will look at several ways that show it actually is possible. It is important to check with the landlord or leasing agent before you do any bathroom renovations when you are renting.

Give the bathroom a thorough clean

When you move into a rented house, it is often not as clean as you would like. This is especially true when it comes to the bathroom and it might be possible to arrange for the landlord to pay for commercial cleaners to come in, if you can show that the room is below standard in cleanliness.

If you decide to take on the cleaning job yourself, make it easier by using one of the specialty bathroom cleaning products that are available. For a great non-chemical clean, bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar will get rid of grime and mould from tiles and painted surfaces. When you have finished, the bathroom will look so much better that you might find you don’t need to think about any other renovation projects!

Brighten the bathroom with new accessories

Make the room look brighter and fresher by adding your own style. New towels will brighten up a dull room while pastel coloured towels will add a touch of elegance. Pot plants add life and freshness, a new shower curtain and curtains at the window create a clean fresh look, an inexpensive print on the wall adds some pizazz. If the cabinets are dull and uninteresting, you might be able to replace the door handles with new modern ones. Keep the original ones and put them back on when you leave.

Replace some of the old fittings

Rental properties often have unsatisfactory of insufficient fixtures and fittings; get permission to add extra towel-rails if there aren’t enough. Although these are a permanent alteration, as you would be making improvements to the facilities, there will probably be no complaint.

If the shower head only gives you a slow drizzle of water, replace it with one of the new water-saving models that give a better water flow while conserving water. Again, when you vacate, you just change them back again and keep the one you bought.

The toilet seat is another item that can be less than satisfactory, but a new one doesn’t cost very much and can make a huge difference to the look and comfort of the rental bathroom. Buy a new toilet seat that you can take with you when you leave, after putting the old one back on.

Increase the storage in the bathroom

Storage is frequently a problem in rented accommodation but you can help yourself by buying cabinets to put in the bathroom. Choose pale colours and maybe glass doors to avoid the room looking cluttered. You simply take your cabinets with you when you go.

Apply some paint

Painting is one of the fastest and most effective renovating strategies. You should get your landlord’s permission or offer to paint back to the original colour when you leave. Pale colours make a small room appear larger and a dark room seem lighter. A feature wall adds interest to a dull room and light coloured ceilings increase light and brightness. Remember to use paints that are designed to handle the moisture of a bathroom.

Increase the lighting

A single light globe is what you might be faced with in a rental house which makes the room look dark and dull. Add a new white shade to the single bulb to instantly increase the reflected light. If there is space, put a lamp in the room to give extra light and add some interest. Remember that warm white is more flattering and softer than cold white globes and they also help to improve how the room looks. Use candles to give a soft light and add a point of interest.

Implement these ways to renovate the bathroom when you are renting as a way of personalizing the room and making it nicer and more comfortable to use.